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Breakout Sessions I


Learn Layout Update and Extension Features of PWA Studio
James Zetlen, Frontend Architect, Magento Commerce
Magento PWA Studio has extension tools that fulfill the same purpose as Layout XML, one of the most powerful and popular features of the Magento platform. In Magento today, Themes and Extensions can combine automatically and make precise changes to the UI, and that power is the key to the flexibility and extensibility of our platform. We’re bringing the best of the Magento layout system into the modern frontend world. Magento PWA is a brand-new UI rendering system with outstanding performance, but without extension points, it wouldn’t be Magento. We’ll discuss the nature of the changes, talk about build-time versus runtime updates, and learn from each other about how Magento’s trademark customizability will feel in the PWA ecosystem.
Grow your business with Business Intelligence
Christian Nucibella, CEO and Founder, FiloBlu
In this session we would like to describe Filoblu’s dynamic platform aimed to gather data and analyze strategic information: the Commerce Intelligence Platform. It’s a tool specifically developed for Brands and Retailers using the Magento platform, that can be integrated with the most important business sources to monitor and analyze the performance of different international sales channels. In an increasingly flowing market, where consumers get to know the Brand through different, digital and non-digital touch points, the challenge that companies are facing is to gather and analyze data from multiple sources in real time. That is why knowing consumers’ preferences and their purchasing habits, how users surf the net, what they post on social media or how many times they open a newsletter means having data to optimize the marketing activities and choosing the most appropriate sales strategies. The Commerce Intelligence Platform allows to share customized detail degrees to different business levels. It allows, for instance, to watch in a single dashboard the trend of all key digital performance indicators, the order number, the average receipt and all digital sales main indicators, while comparing their trend over different time spans. All this allows to work on flexible commercial and digital sales proposals that adjust to the ever-changing market and consumers’ needs while supporting Brands and Retailers strategically.

Breakout Sessions II


Best Practices for B2B Digital Maturity Featuring Research from Forrester and Magento
Shannon Hane, Director of Product Marketing , Magento Commerce
As the digital experience becomes increasingly important to business growth and customer satisfaction, many B2B companies are looking to take their experience from “good” to great to support revenue growth and buyer loyalty. This session will share recent research on B2B commerce trends, as well as findings on the organizational structures, resourcing models, and site capabilities used by digital B2B leaders. Shannon Hane, Director of Product Marketing for Magento, will share real-world examples of customers putting many of these strategies into practice to drive their digital business forward. Session attendees will be able to assess their own digital maturity and walk away with concrete examples of steps they can take to advance their digital experiences.
Growth Strategies
The Road to Migration
Stefan Willkomer, CEO, TechDivision
Migrating from Magento 1 to 2 is a great opportunity to provide a much better user experience and also renew your ecommerce platform and make it ready for the future. Of course it can also become a challenge especially for bigger and comprehensive projects. A good migration strategy, planning and of course the right project management approaches are obligatory. But once you set everything up correctly M2 gives merchants complete new possiblities and also helps to speed up development.

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Breakout Sessions III


Commerce Best Practices
Uncovering Value in Your Customer's Journey
Anita Andrews, Director of Analytics Services, Magento Commerce
When mapping out your growth strategy it often helps to think about your ultimate goal, and then work backwards from there. For many commerce businesses, a lot of focus is centered around acquiring, converting and retaining as many high valued customers as possible. Thus, most of the time customer lifetime value is major indicator of success. However, with limited time and resources it can be difficult to determine what parts of the your customer's journey you should be investing in. Using data can help make that more clear. Join Anita Andrews, Head of the Magento Analytics Practice, as she talks about the using data throughout the four stages of the customer life cycle, driving loyalty, and where your business should be focusing based upon similarly situated companies.
Growth Strategies
How 50five, the ENGIE e-commerce company, built its platform to sell Smart Devices across Europe in 4 months with Magento Commerce Cloud
Florent Sabourin, Managing Director, Smile
The dynamic and dramatic changing world of energy, is for every company a challenge! Digitalisation and IoT are of key importance to create answers for this new future. 50five, the e-commerce organization of Engie, enable synergies between IoT products, services and partners to offer B2B and B2C guidance and the best solutions. Discover in this presentation the challenges of 50five in its international expansion, supported by Magento Commerce Cloud.

Breakout Sessions IV


Growth Strategies
Global Partner Study Review: Upgrading to M2
Berny Chen, Senior Manager Product Marketing, Magento Commerce
Join us as we discuss the findings from a global Magento Solution partner study that looks at the relative value of moving to Magento 2 vs. staying on Magento 1, and the cost, time-to-market, and results that their customers have seen by upgrading to M2. The results will have an EMEA focus.
toom + Magento
Christian Dornhoff, CTO, toom
James Halsall, Technical Team Lead, Inviqa
toom, one of the biggest DIY companies in Germany, had complex requirements that meant pushing Magento further than we had before. Each of toom's 330+ markets had its own stock and price data. This is a customer story that shows truly how much you can customise Magento. We will look at the reasons why implementing our own price and stock modules, custom indexes, and a bespoke checkout were not only necessary for toom, but also made possible by Magento's flexibility. This talk will look at how we complimented Magento with additional microservices for stock and pricing to help achieve the huge volume of throughput for stock updates in their wider business. Whilst the session is not a deep-dive technical discussion it does provide a business audience with a high-level overview of how toom made Magento work for its demanding business and technical infrastructure, as well as its high-performance requirements.

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