Bharat Sharma

Monsoon Consulting CEO

Bharat is Founder and CEO of Monsoon Consulting, an award-winning B2B focused Magento Enterprise Solution Partner with offices in the UK, Ireland, and Ukraine. Winners of the 2018 "Magento Spirit of Excellence Award", Monsoon designs and builds customer experience driven B2C and B2B enterprise eCommerce solutions for leading global retailers, distributors, and manufacturers. Bharat and his team are passionate in delivering best-in-class industry solutions with proven success and in doing so they have accumulated strong insights within the B2B industry sector of pharmacy, food, DIY construction, and automotive distribution.

Breakout Sessions VI

B2B Track

Blurred Lines: Context Driven Commerce in B2B

Wednesday, October 10, 10:00AM-10:45AM

Level -1, Sala H1

Business transactions are often driven by need rather than desire, by people who are required to buy goods and services as part of their job. When designing a B2B eCommerce experience, it’s imperative that the digital customer experience must be comparable or better to a real world interaction. Otherwise your customer will not willingly make the switch to digital. This talk will uncover a myriad different buying and customer account management experiences a B2B buyer will expect from an eCommerce platform. You will see these experiences through real life customer examples from three case studies in the Food, Pharma, and Construction industries, which will examine how Magento can deliver on these B2B experiences.

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