Christian Dornhoff

toom Head of IT (Cross-Channel)

Christian is an internet pioneer who has a long history of successfully helping companies to embrace new technology. After running Gartenliebe for two years it was merged to the new founded cross channel department at toom Baumarkt (turnover 2.8 billion euros per year) where one of the most advanced hybrid microservice platforms was developed in order to combine flexibility and decreased time-to-market. His current goals are to roll out a cross channel platform to *350* markets, setup toom's own fulfilment center and enhance cross channel functionality both online and offline.

Breakout Sessions VII

Business Track

toom + Magento: A Journey to Zero-Downtime

Wednesday, October 10, 2:00PM-2:45PM

Level -1, Sala H3

toom is one of the biggest DIY companies in Germany, and its digital operations come with some hefty technical challenges. In this talk we will dive into the unique complexities of toom’s distributed infrastructure and the challenges that were overcome to make it successful. These include creating custom indexes to manage their massive catalog size, and adding sophisticated, high volume integrations while maintaining zero-downtime deployments. If you’re interested to see how Magento can be taken to the extreme, this is unmissable.

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