Fons Hofstra

BMN Bouwmaterialen Manager eCommerce

Fons works as a Manager eCommerce at BMN Bouwmaterialen, the largest wholesaler of building materials in the Netherlands. He has worked at different eCommerce agencies where he has learned a much about the many eCommerce platforms available in the market. Fons has been a product owner for four years, and says: “The more difficulties I find on my way, the better the product will be.”

Breakout Sessions I

B2B Track

Online Growth Expansion in the Construction Industry: A B2B Story

Tuesday, October 9, 9:00AM-9:45AM

Level -1, Sala H1

With 83 stores, BMN Bouwmaterialen is the market leader in the Netherlands. They deliver products and services to building professionals in residential and non-residential construction on a daily basis. BMN Bouwmaterialen is part of the CRH Group, an international company with stores in 36 countries. Fons Hofstra, eCommerce Manager of BMN, and Chantal Schinkels, Customer Success Manager at Guapa E-Commerce, will share the commerce story behind BMN Bouwmaterialen’s transformation: how they got started, expected growth, and Magento Commerce for B2B.

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