James Antisdel

Google Technical Solutions Manager

James is a Google Technical Solutions Manager who partners with large ecosystem platforms in order to streamline product development and to make native integrations with Google Ads APIs seamless. His ultimate goal is to bring performance automated advertising solutions to businesses to market through ecosystem platforms. He works across industries, and has a particular penchant for e-commerce solutions.

Breakout Sessions IV

Winning Solutions Track

Features of the Funnel with Google

Tuesday, October 9, 4:30PM-5:15PM

Level -1, Sala A

Take a whistle-stop tour through your customer’s eCommerce journey with a spotlight on the Google and web technologies that help you build and measure success. We’ll see how Smart Shopping Campaigns help you find the right user on the right channel at scale, and bring them to your site. However, once there, the average web site doesn’t always deliver a great experience. We’ll look at how to improve that with the Magento ecosystem and identify the highest ROI options for improving performance on your site today. With your customer ready to buy, we’ll explore how the new Google Pay integration for the web can continue that quality, frictionless experience through to checkout. And of course, a repeat customer is better than a one-off customer – so we'll investigate how to build retention with meaningful push notifications.

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