John Hughes

Fisheye Head of Magento

John is a Magento solution specialist and developer at Fisheye, a Magento Professional Solutions Partner based in the UK. He has over 6 years experience defining and developing complex solutions for merchants and is 4 x Magento 2 certified. John is also passionate about feeding back to the Magento community by helping to nurture developers and is currently working a an open online resource for mastering Magento 2 development.

Breakout Sessions IV

Business Track

Powering Your Website Content with Magento PageBuilder

Tuesday, October 9, 4:30PM-5:15PM

Level -1, Sala H3

Magento's content management suite has transformed from a basic data entry tool into an enterprise-ready content powerhouse. With the new-and-improved Page Builder, merchants can easily create dynamic and engaging experiences without writing a single line of code. The new Page Builder gives business users the ability to create their own content design and layouts for content and commerce pages by leveraging feature-rich content types. In this session, join Magento's Olena Tkacheva as she showcases the exciting new possibilities Page Builder places at your fingertips. John Hughes, from Fisheye, will provide a solution partners perspective on the real world benefits it brings to both partners and merchants.

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