Matt Parkinson

Gene Commerce Managing Director

Matt is the Managing Director of GENE Commerce, an eCommerce agency specialising in delivering high performing Magento sites and software for clients worldwide. At GENE, Matt believes the only way to ensure online success is for businesses to be able to quickly adapt to change and embrace innovation. GENE did just that when they developed the Braintree extension – used by thousands of merchants – and the recent Apple Pay extensions for both Magento 1 and Magento 2. This innovate and creative approach has led to the development and ultimate acquisition by Magento of the BlueFootCMS system.

Delivering Exceptional eCommerce Experiences

Tuesday, October 9, 7:30AM-8:45AM

Ground Level, Sala Exposciones

In this session, you'll explore the impact of smartphone penetration and the key demographic changes across Europe. Learn how these massive changes are impacting consumer experience expectations, and understand the opportunities and challenges panelists see in the current market.

Breakout Sessions V

Winning Solutions Track

Mobile Conversion Optimization: Results From the Community Global Study

Wednesday, October 10, 9:00AM-9:45AM

Level -1, Sala A

PayPal has helped kick off a global effort to improve the mobile conversion gap with over 25 SIs and 120 merchants globally. In this panel session, we’ll share results from over 300,000 conversion tests and recommend changes for achieving positive results.

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