Neil Bruce

Toolstop eCommerce Manager

Neil supports Dundee United and Scotland and has been in a state of depression for the past few years. He comes from a remote technical support background and joined then Kegg Ltd in November 2006 to bring Toolstop to life. The Toolstop website was launched in May 2007. In his pastime Neil plays golf and enjoys the company of his wife and 3 daughters.

Breakout Sessions II

Winning Solutions Track

Intelligent Retail: Delivering AI-Driven Shopping Experiences from Prospect to Purchase - Case Toolstop

Tuesday, October 9, 10:00AM-10:45AM

Level -1, Sala A

Today’s consumer places a heavy value o fully personalised shopping experiences almost more than the purchase itself. But as an eCommerce professional, how do you deliver and sustain this expectation in a way that is both scalable and profitable for their business? In a discussion led by Isaac Moshe, CMO at Nosto, discover how AI-driven personalisation is paving the way towards delivering completely unique customer journeys. Dissect the critical role data plays in automating personalisation: how to focus on the right data to make the right impact, and the strategies retailers should consider to transform brand interaction. We will also dive into the practicalities with Toolstop eCommerce Manager Neil Bruce and Nosto’s Rory Gilmore on the successful strategies Toolstop has taken to deliver unique shopping experiences.

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