Riccardo Tempesta

Magespecialist CTO

Riccardo grew up on bread and computer science (his PC was a gift at the age of six). Over time he became a developer with an exceptionally broad knowledge of the most disparate areas of the field. He has been with the Skeeller srl (former Idealia Group srl) since 2001 as a founder and technical director. As a leader of the technical department for MageSpecialist, he is a senior analyst and software architect, Magento Specialist, senior PHP developer, and technical manager. Riccardo started working with Magento in early 2008. After falling in love with this new technology he became a Magento Certified Developer and continued his focus on developing and finding new Magento solutions. In 2015, he started working with Magento 2 and contributing with Magento Community.

Breakout Sessions VIII

Technical Track

Beyond Software Development: Challenges and Architectures of MSI Project

Wednesday, October 10, 3:00PM-3:45PM

Level -1, Sala J

In the real world, no feature is “simple.” MSI is the perfect example of an idea that’s simple to explain, but contains hidden technical challenges. We’ll see how such challenges lead to cutting-edge technologies, awesome new architectural approaches, and one of the most successful community driven projects.

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