Rowan Merewood

Google Developer Advocate

Rowan’s focus at Google is ensuring that the web is a first-class experience for users, and a natural and intuitive platform for developers. He focuses on eCommerce, looking at how technical best practices can be translated into viable business cases. Previously he’s worked across several products, such as Android, Firebase, and Google Now. He is particularly interested in the intersection where users transfer from one device or interface to another in the course of completing a single task. On the off-chance you want to talk to him about non-work related topics, obscure or terrible horror films are a good opener.

Breakout Sessions IV

Winning Solutions Track

Features of the Funnel with Google

Tuesday, October 9, 4:30PM-5:15PM

Level -1, Sala A

Take a whistle-stop tour through your customer’s eCommerce journey with a spotlight on the Google and web technologies that help you build and measure success. We’ll see how Smart Shopping Campaigns help you find the right user on the right channel at scale, and bring them to your site. However, once there, the average web site doesn’t always deliver a great experience. We’ll look at how to improve that with the Magento ecosystem and identify the highest ROI options for improving performance on your site today. With your customer ready to buy, we’ll explore how the new Google Pay integration for the web can continue that quality, frictionless experience through to checkout. And of course, a repeat customer is better than a one-off customer – so we'll investigate how to build retention with meaningful push notifications.

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Breakout Sessions V

Commerce Best Practices Track

The State of Progressive Web Apps

Wednesday, October 10, 9:00AM-9:45AM

Level -1, Sala F

With the rapid growth of mobile shopping, Progressive Web Apps are the future of commerce. The business value and potential of PWAs are proven, and they represent a significant shift in people, process, and technology to create exceptional shopping experiences. When considering PWAs for your business you’ll need to consider the latest case studies, user research, and lessons learned from experts at Google and the Magento community. Today, those experts will discuss the PWA revolution, the upcoming PWA Studio, and everything you need to know about PWAs but were afraid to ask.

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