Shane Osbourne

JH Frontend Web Developer

Shane is the creator of the popular open-source project, Browsersync, and is an instructor on . He is very focused on improving the two areas of frontend development he finds most interesting - the tooling used to improve workflow, and the overall performance of the Magento Platform.

Breakout Sessions VII

Technical Track

The Road to PWA

Wednesday, October 10, 2:00PM-2:45PM

Level -1, Sala J

This talk addresses an increasingly common question: What can we do right now to prepare for a PWA future? Shane will explain how to achieve up to a 3x performance improvement on ‘out of the box’ Magento Commerce 2, and how this can enable PWA features to be added right now. Many companies are quick to add *more* code to their projects to enable PWA features, completely bypassing any performance concerns already present in the platform. This is far from the PWA future user will expect. The talk is split into two sections: the first is an analysis of performance problems and their solutions, the second is a practical example of adding a handful of PWA features to an existing Magento Commerce 2 website.

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